Special Wine Tasting

What makes wine tasting special?

The tasting of a quality wine that is in line with all up to date requirements can be special, but also a bit boring in the long-run. We however, also encourage the “tasting” of the viticulture itself, since the emphasis is not on drinking, but on learning to discover flavours and putting this knowledge to practice.

My colleagues and I attempt to introduce the special characteristics of the Pannonhalma wine region and to invite our guests to the special world of tasting our self-produced wines, to “gossip” about the “whims” of this or that type of grape or the way in which it is to be “fondled” and “caressed”. This is the only way to free their true spirit, the wonder of the art of vine growing and wine making.

Anything can be arranged if you contact us in due time! Anything the mouth or stomach desires: any cheese, chocolate or other foodstuff can be served instantly to complement the magic of flavours.

In our winery older vintage wines our stored in safe deposit to ensure the later monitoring of the life cycles of our wines and to allow for comparative tasting, if possible.

Our wine tasting event lasts 50 to 70 minutes based on the curiosity of our guests. Let us lead you along the way to become part of an exciting culture.

In 2010 we offer a 10% discount for pensioner, friends of gardening and university student groups.

Making an appointment

+36 96 471-730

Cancelling an appointment

We are sure that there is a good reason for having to cancel your appointment made in our wine cellar or restaurant and hope to see you in our establishment the next time!

If anything comes up please notify us on the following phone number: +36 96 471 730.

Thank you in advance.